"Le Arcate" carry on a tradition of seafood specialties. Every dish, from assorted appetizers to handmade pasta, from second courses of fresh fish to desserts to limoncello, reveals a harmony of flavors and scents dictated by a few simple and genuine elements. And every meal completes with the best wines from the vineyards of the Amalfi Coast".
 (da - Angela Merolla)

"I find Restaurant "Le Arcate" the best of the whole Amalfi coast. Both for the genuineness of the products it offers, both for the location where it is located, practically by the sea, under the arches that hold the road that connects the village with the coastal road. In fact during the summer months you have the opportunity to sit just over a meter from the sea, which makes the atmosphere one of the most romantic and suggestive. In winter, instead, the seating places are located in a cave, where you can enjoy the original and particular atmosphere created by the owners.
The food is excellent: there I ate the best fish ever!! Every dish is prepared with amazing attention to detail. The main dishes are those of fish, but you have to taste their pizza too!
I usually take mixed starter (that never fails!) and paccheri with swordfish or scialatielli with shrimp and zucchini.
And don’t miss the pasticciotto, a tastiful dessert!! Our best compliments to the owners."

 (da "Volo Diario di viaggio)