Our History

Orlando Buonocore had a dream in his heart since he was a child : opening a restaurant of his own.
Raised in a family of Amalfi restaurateurs, Orlando starts "Le Arcate" on March 19, 1959 in Atrani together with his wife Luisa. Till then Atrani was a simple fishing village, a true corner of paradise, but lacking an access road connecting it to the 163 Amalfitana main state road. When the road was finally opened in 1954, Orlando had no more doubts: his restaurant would be built right there. And so in 1959 "Le Arcate" was born. Atrani's first restaurant, overlooking the beautiful little beach and magically stuck between the quay and the caves used as storages by fishermen. The "Le Arcate" story began linked forever to the sea and the life of the country. Over time "Le Arcate" has become a point of pride not only for the Buonocore family but also for the entire Atranese community. Orlando, along with his wife and three children, managed to get himself accepted and loved by the whole country, with whom he had a deep relationship. It must have been for his natural generosity, for his sincere attachment to the whole coast or perhaps even for his gruff-but-nice look, that the Orlando restaurant has become the pride of the town.
Not only, "Le Arcate" was and is always available for any community emergency or need, from the most trivial to the most complicated. Orlando and Luisa have long shared love and hard work, satisfaction and problems. Orlando at the tables and in contact with customers and Luisa at the stove. To date, after sixty years of activity, "Le Arcate" is an institution among the Amalfi Coast restaurants and is managed by the Buonocore brothers, Andrea, Antonio and Sergio. Every day they bring to the table the traditional local dishes accompanied with a smile.